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Derwent London is committed to being an inclusive and respectful employer that welcomes diversity and promotes equality, acceptance and teamwork.

We regularly review our recruitment and working practices to identify how we can continue to attract and retain a diverse workforce. Our definition of diversity extends beyond the traditional facets of gender, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation to include personality, communication and work styles. We recognise that diversity enriches our creative solutions and adds value for our stakeholders.

In accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy, we give full and fair consideration to all employment applicants. Recruitment, training, reward and career progression are based purely on merit. Wherever possible, we also accommodate part-time, agile and flexible working requests.

Our employee base is relatively well balanced in respect to gender, with 57% male and 43% female while, within our senior management team, about one-third are female. Around three quarters of our employees classify themselves as white and a quarter as non-white.

Current activities to advance diversity include:

  • mandatory unconscious bias training for all our line managers in partnership with the charity Chickenshed;
  • nurturing a culture of transparency and openness which encourages people to raise concerns and to speak out about bias or discrimination;
  • a review of our agile working procedures. In addition, wider adoption across the business is being encouraged by management, who are leading by example and using agile working;
  • attracting women into our industry through work experience opportunities and school presentations to raise awareness of real estate careers;
  • requiring recruitment agencies to provide gender balanced shortlists; and
  • introducing parental transition coaching for employees before, during and when returning from maternity or shared parental leave.