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How do I change my address?

You can download a change of address form here and post it to our registrars, Equiniti. Alternatively, you can write to Equiniti and advise them of your old and new addresses and, if possible, your Derwent London account number.

How do I change my name?

You should notify Equiniti in writing of your new name and previous name. You should attach a copy of your marriage certificate or your change of name deed, together with your share certificates and any uncashed dividend cheques in your old name, so that Equiniti can reissue them.

I’ve lost my share certificate, how do I obtain a duplicate?

If you have lost your share certificate or it has been stolen, you should inform Equiniti immediately. You’ll need to tell them about any certificates you still hold so that they can identify which share certificate is missing. In most cases, you will need to pay an administration fee before you can be sent a new share certificate.

How do I transfer my shares?

If you want to give or sell your shares directly to someone you know, you can transfer your holding using a stock transfer form. You can download a stock transfer form from the website and post it to Equiniti with the relevant share certificate(s).

How do I buy and sell shares?

You can buy and sell shares using the Equiniti Shareview Site (on-line dealing for UK based shareholders only) or call UK: 0371 384 2192 Overseas: +44 (0) 121 415 0804

What is my total shareholding?

You can determine the number of shares you hold by adding up all your currently valid share certificates, referring to your recent dividend tax voucher, or by contacting Equiniti.

Can I have dividends paid directly into my bank account?

Yes, it is possible with most bank or building society accounts in the UK and is sometimes referred to as a ‘dividend mandate’. Mandating your dividends is easy and has a number of advantages for you: Firstly, the dividend will go into your account on the payment date – there is no chance of it being delayed in the post and you do not have to wait for a cheque to clear. Secondly, the payment method is more secure than receiving a cheque through the post. Thirdly, tax information about the dividend is sent direct to you at your registered address. You can download the dividend mandate form from the website.

What should I do if I have lost my dividend cheque?

Yes. If you confirm your details to Equiniti, they will send you a replacement. If the cheque was for less than £10, they will not charge you, but for larger payments an administration fee will be charged, depending on the value of the cheque. The fees set out in full can be viewed on the Shareview website.

When are dividends paid?

Please refer to our financial calendar for forthcoming dividend payments. These are normally twice a year.

What are REITs?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are quoted property companies that own and manage income-producing property, either commercial or residential.

How do I obtain a duplicate tax voucher

A dividend tax voucher is issued with the dividend cheque or if you have payment mandated to your registered address. If you have not received a dividend tax voucher or require a replacement, please contact Equiniti.

I’ve received 2 sets of correspondence – what can I do?

You need to contact Equiniti to amalgamate your 2 accounts into one.

My shares are in a nominee account, how do I receive a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts?

If you hold your shares in a nominee account (not as a paper share certificate), your nominee provider might not automatically send you a copy of our Annual Report and Accounts. The latest Report and Accounts can be viewed on our website. To be sent a PDF copy of our latest Annual Report via email (or posted a hard copy) please contact the Company Secretary, David Lawler (

When is the Annual General Meeting?

Please refer to our financial calendar section.

If I don’t attend the Annual General Meeting, can I still vote?

Option A: If you cannot go to the meeting, you can appoint someone else to go in your place as your ‘proxy’. To do this, you must complete the proxy form that is sent to you with your notice of meeting and send it back to Equiniti in advance of the meeting. You should note, however, that a proxy cannot vote on a show of hands, but, if a poll is taken on a resolution, your proxy can cast your vote for you. Also, a proxy is not usually able to speak on your behalf except to demand a poll.

Option B: If you cannot appoint a proxy to attend the meeting in person, you can still send the proxy form back to Equiniti and, in the event of a poll on any resolution, the Chairman will cast your vote for you in line with the instructions you give on the form.

Option C: Voting on resolutions can also be done electronically. If you already have an Equiniti Shareview portfolio, just log on to your portfolio and select ‘Company Meetings’ from the left-hand menu. Details of current meetings where you can send an instruction online will then be displayed and you can click on the highlighted text to confirm your instruction. If you do not have a Shareview portfolio and you wish to vote electronically, you can submit your votes through Sharevote using the reference numbers on your proxy form.