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We are measuring the embodied carbon and carrying out assessments of our new developments and major refurbishments, to help us understand its significance and where there are opportunities to reduce our footprint. We have developed our embodied carbon brief for developments designed to guide our project teams on how to measure embodied carbon during design stage.

In line with our Net Zero Carbon Pathway we have set ambitious embodied carbon targets as a guide for our design teams, aimed at new commercial office buildings coming on stream in future and we are looking closely at the potential of new, low carbon alternatives to conventional construction materials, such as low cement concrete.

More than half of our emissions as a business come from Scope 3 emissions – activities that we have no direct control over, and our Net Zero Carbon Pathway sets out detailed targets on operational energy and carbon reduction when buildings are in use as well as our occupier engagement to continue to reduce Scope 3 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint image

Soho Place W1. Solar PVs and biodiversity on roof. Sustainability standards: achieved BREEAM Outstanding, LEED Gold, EPC Rating 'B'