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Our Board

Our Board is composed of highly skilled professionals who bring a range of skills, perspectives and corporate experience to our Boardroom. It is through this diversity, its deep understanding of our business, culture and stakeholders, that the Board generates sustainable long-term value.

Board roles

There is clear division between executive and non-executive responsibilities which ensure accountability and oversight. The roles of Chairman and Chief Executive are separately held and their responsibilities are well defined, set out in writing and regularly reviewed by the Board.

Executive Committee

The Board delegates the execution of the Company’s strategy and the day-to-day management of the business to the Executive Directors, assisted by other members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Directors are also responsible for ensuring that policies and behaviours set at Board level are effectively communicated and implemented across the Group’s business.

Our Executive Committee usually meets monthly and can meet on an ad hoc basis. This, together with the close proximity within which we work and the way we manage our projects, enables us to handle complex transactions and make quick decisions, with the overall aim of creating value and driving income growth across our portfolio.